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What we all know ...

Weddings are cause for celebration and excitement, but a "perfect" wedding day requires great planning!

So, where do you start?

Make SURE you select an experienced wedding Consultant!

For today's busy couple, the wedding consultant plays an essential role, eliminating time constraints and the stress of the many details, deadlines, and to-do lists.

As a welcomed helping hand, the coordinator has reliable and trusted vendors from venues, to florists, rental items, musicians, and caterers. The knowledge of fashion, trends, details, and timelines eliminates hours skimming magazines, books, and the Internet. Your consultant has already compiled this knowledge for you.

With tailored services to meet your specific needs, the consultant becomes your personal assistant and saves you time, money, and much stress.

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What we need to know ...

Eventsetc wants you to share your hopes and dreams, describing the "VISION" you have for your wedding day.

The planning for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and wedding day is most influenced by whether this special milestone in a couple's life is a first marriage, a "later in life" first marriage, or a "second time around."

Obtain ASSURANCE that dreams become reality

eventsetc leaves the dreams to you and helps you behind the scenes to make planning a perfect wedding a reality! Our goal is to exceed your expectations of a memorable day for you and those who share your happiness.

The initial question we ask sets the planning in motion. "Do you envision:
  1. a traditional or contemporary ambiance?
  2. a formal or less formal ceremony?
  3. a reception steeped in history or more similar to a special event?"

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"SECOND TIME AROUND" .. an eventsetc niche!

Eventsetc's wedding consulting and coordinating background has involved a majority of couples who prefer a non-traditional style celebration. The couple may be older than the typical first-time marriage, or this is not the first marriage for one or both people.

In most cases they, not their parents, are doing the planning and are also responsible for the budget. They do not have the time nor often the interest or talent to create the "perfect day," and realize they are content to put the planning in the hands of a professional. Building a bond of excellent communication is imperative to their feeling secure about their vision being realized and minimizing their stress.

As the couple shares how they want the wedding related plans to enfold, they have an appreciation for unique elements less typical of a traditional or younger couple first marriage. They have indicated their desire to work with a company that has a major focus on special events, more so than the company that focuses mostly, if not all, on wedding planning.

It has been, and continues to be, exciting for eventsetc to bring 18 years of event coordination and production and Kay Nelson's 23 years of event planning background to couples who desire this style of typically non-traditional, creative services. The response from our clients has been that they felt secure that eventsetc would and did deliver what was promised.

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Wedding by Design Creative Services

eventsetc's services listed below detail the spectrum of event elements to address when planning your wedding. The services we provide will be tailored to fit your specific budget, needs, and desires.

Services provided by eventsetc's Wedding Division - Weddings by Design

  • Initial Consultation
  • Establish Budget and Priorities
  • Establish the style of the Bride and Groom
  • Discuss rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding get-together
  • Interview and Secure the Ceremony Site, Reception Site
  • Discuss plans for the officiant and resources available
  • Create and Coordinate all visual amenities/decor for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception site. May include developing a theme.
  • Secure all vendors, including music and other entertainment
  • Correspond with couple as details are updated
  • Invitation Selection, direction with text, addressing and mailing options
  • "Save the Date" cards mailed if necessary for out-of-town guests
  • Work with personnel at the ceremony & receptions sites for deliveries and set up
  • Create a Timeline
  • On-site coordination for both the rehearsal and wedding day
  • Create a worry-free day the bridal couple and family members

Additional Services Requested by the Bridal Couple

  • Securing lodging for family or out-of-town guests
  • Gift baskets for hotel rooms
  • Booking transportation for the wedding party and/or out-of-town guests the day of the wedding
  • Transportation from the airport for out-of-town guests
  • Packages of activity information for out-of-town guests
  • Arrange food service for the bridal party dressing area
  • Site-seeing tours with food service for out-of-town guests
  • Thank you cards with creative text and mailing within the proper time
  • Brunch arrangements for the bridal party and out-of-town guests

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How to contact eventsetc

eventsetc is located at 4721 Sycamore Road in Cincinnati, Ohio and can be reached by phone at (513) 791-3911 or fax at (513) 984-0903. Kay Nelson's e-mail address is

eventsetc looks forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to address your events-related requirements.

Remember: "eventsetc puts the SPECIAL in your special event!"

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