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eventsetc presents TEAMQuest -- its interactive team building program!

What is TEAMQuest?

eventsetc's TEAMQuest program specializes in creating and producing interactive activities that literally boost the effectiveness and productivity of your people. The ultimate result is higher retention and usage of meeting information, superior teamwork, and improved communication.

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What benefits does TEAMQuest deliver?

TEAMQuest combines the information and goals of your organization into the format of unique games and team competitions and collaborations. Your people get fully involved in learning, performing, and problem solving while having fun!

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What are examples of TEAMQuest in action?

TEAMQuest offers the following team building activities and exercises:

  • Team Building Game Competitions - designed to promote team spirit among people of all ages and abilities. In customizing each "Games" program, eventsetc works with you during the assessment consultation to match up the right activities for the right group.
  • Interactive Game Shows - fun and educational, depending on your group needs. eventsetc can customize corporate questions into a program, use general trivia or knowledge or even be a part of a sales presentation process.
  • Team Scavenger Quests - a fun, interactive team activity designed to get your group working together in a learning environment. Teams are challenged to solve clues and locate stations throughout the event location to earn points.
  • Facilitated Games and Exercises - a variety of facilitated exercises from medium to intense debriefing depending on your goals and objectives. The goal is to provide an activity which reinforces the learning from the training or meeting session.
  • Team Cooking and Team Cook-Offs - participants in this activity create a gourmet multi-course meal. Afterwards, groups discover and discuss how their experience relates to their regular work environment.
  • TEAMQuest 500 - a challenge to construct a racing vehicle out of fun and zany materials. After the "design and construction" phases are over, it's time for the big race! So, rev your engines and get ready for the "TEAMQuest 500."

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What levels of outcomes does TEAMQuest provide?

TEAMQuest offers three Levels of outcomes. These outcomes require a significant investment of time and solid planning with the group before and after the event.

  • Activities to infuse energy, enthusiasm and fun
  • Dynamic event with teamwork focus and learning
  • Workplace behavior change in team specific skills and behaviors

Take action now to ask eventsetc more about what TEAMQuest can do for you

Our TEAMQuest professionals will consult with your group leaders to design and implement a schedule of training and learning activities that will keep the environment filled with excitement and adventure while promoting enthusiastic participation!

And best of all, the TEAMQuest games, exercises, and team building activities are 100% safe and 100% Fun! Each activity can be customized for any event to motivate and evoke a sense of corporate spirit and camaraderie.

Just contact eventsetc by phoning 513.791-3911 or by sending an e-mail. Once you do, eventsetc will set up an appointment to meet with your team.

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It's TEAMQuest.

Remember: TEAMQuest is more than just team building... "It's the pursuit of learning, the search for adventure... and the quest for fun!"

How to contact eventsetc

eventsetc is located at 4721 Sycamore Road in Cincinnati, Ohio and can be reached by phone at (513) 791-3911 or fax at (513) 984-0903. Kay Nelson's e-mail address is

eventsetc looks forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to address your events-related requirements.

Remember: "eventsetc puts the SPECIAL in your special event!"

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