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Beautiful and unusual decor elements at an eventsetc event

The tent event photo provided above reveals a number of eventsetc's truly special touches, including the following:

  • Customized Mirrored Square and Round Dining Table Tops
  • Clear Dining Chairs
  • Customized Logo mounted on a Shimmery Backing for the bar fronts
  • Hanging Shimmering Silver Panel Backdrop with Logo for high top buffet table ice sculptures and food displays

This is just part of the overall design of this photographed event. And not readily discernible is the clear dance floor over the pool with mirror ball and floral floating highlights!

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"Second Time Around" Wedding - an eventsetc niche!

Select this "second time around" events hyperlink to find out more about this.

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Ice-Breakers for New Teams

When companies find themselves downsizing, merging, or combining divisions, they are in need of bonding experiences to unite employees whose morale might be down because of the bad economy or staff who are working with new employees. The one thing we do know is change is a constant!

"Team-building is a key element in the process of regrouping and redefining a new direction. Management and staff need to be on the same page. Communication is imperative to the success of any plan. A one-time event, a testing followed by new procedures, a series of activities promoting interaction all are possibilities of styles team building might take. Designed based on the company's goals, contracting an outside resource to plan and implement the concept ensures credibility and enhances togetherness."

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Vertical Buffet

Master your events with an innovative expression in a product and foodservice presentation - the Metallic Vertical Buffet. View an enlarged vertical buffet image (a *.JPG file) for more info.

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How to contact eventsetc

eventsetc is located at 4721 Sycamore Road in Cincinnati, Ohio and can be reached by phone at (513) 791-3911 or fax at (513) 984-0903. Kay Nelson's e-mail address is kay@eventsetconline.com.

eventsetc looks forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to address your events-related requirements.

Remember: "eventsetc puts the SPECIAL in your special event!"

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